" Top guality food using the local produce, staff very friendly, had to wait for table so they gave us some prosecco , starters and cheese for waiting. don't miss out on a trditional italian restauraunt. you won't be disappointed. (rob55525 - Tripadvisor user)"
" My mother and I decided to stop inside for dinner our first night in Florence and we ended up coming back several times throughout our short stay here. We are from NY and wanted some legit Italian food. The pasta is fresh (ravioli is so good!!), the soups are hearty, delicious Florentine steaks, and you must try their tira misu!!!!!! The owners' motto: "you are what you eat" and they truly keep their promise to you. Enjoy :-) (Marilyn14 -Tripadvisor user)"
"We had a look around with a glass of 'Toscana' local wine, 5⭐, and were then presented with lightly toasted bread with fresh tomatoes (best I've ever eaten) and the same bread with gorgonzola cheese and flaked dark chocolate (pictured)! Believe me it is outstanding!!! We are vegetarian but with all the cheese, breads and meats on display anybody can see that they source their products exceptionally. If you sit on one of the 2 front tables you can see all the effort that Marco (The Big Show) puts into every dish. (eatasypy - Tripadvisor user)"
Restaurant - Delicatessen

Salsamenteria de' Ciompi

The restaurant Salsamenteria de 'Ciompi is located in Florence in via Pietrapiana 27/r at Ciompi square corner, near the ancient Loggia del Pesce, where once was made the fish market.
The restaurant is based on a purely tuscan cuisine, with biologic ingredients of Tuscany. The delicacy of ingredients and the experience of the owners come together in a explosion of flavor and simplicity. Here you can enjoy the Pasta, made directly to the restaurant,if you are lucky you can see the process with your eyes .